It’s weird 

It is really weird when your kids get online.  I never realized how that was a piece of me and our lives that was somehow private even though it is pretty public.

Now that the bigs have an Instagram account and limited internet access my blog posts and instagrams are available to them.  It makes me more cautious because I don’t want to offend them, or influence them or upset them with the random workings of my mind (the blog).  I never before thought about how their current self would feel reading about their current drama unfolding online in real time.  When I thought of the blog I always thought about how great it would be for them to be able to see a glimpse of themselves as a child when they were adults.

So as I figure out this new normal, have patience while being in awe of my overall awesomeness as a parent (hahaha).


Nothing like jumping in to the frying pan first day back from vacation!!

7am wake up – make Phoebe lunch for school, wake up the girls, get breakfasts and get packed up for piano

830am – drop Phoebe at school and drive to Chandler for piano lessons

9-10am piano lessons, usually piano is until 11 but today was a group lesson which is generally shorter

1030am – go to Costco to get veggies and fruits and Pipers new specs 

11am-1145am make lunches and snacks, put away groceries and head to horseback riding

1230-315 horseback lessons.  Lela rode Joey, Indy and a new horse Andy.  Piper and Landis played with the dog, jumped on the trampoline and talked about seeing projects with Ms. Mary.

I should have left for gymnastics at 3, traffic was rough and we were 8 min later for gymnastics.

408p – dropped Piper in Chandler for gymnastics.  The girls ate and changed in the car.  Rushed to downtown Phoenix 

438p – dropped landis at ballet 8 min late😁 then we rushed to pick up Phoebe at school

5pm – pick Phoebe at school and then we drove back to Chandler to pick up Piper.  We settled in bean burritos from Taco Bell for dinner, at least they ate kale salad for lunch😍

530p – pick up burritos

6p – pick up Piper in Chandler post gymnastics, Rush downtown to get Landis for ballet

630p – pick up Landis at ballet.  It was crazy because there was an event, there was no parking, Landis got taken to another room, got lost in the crowd all while I was double parked outside and the girls went in and also got lost in the crowd😁 No Bueno!

Finally home at 7pm👍🏻

I was flying solo because J was in Cali, usually he does the late pick ups.  Whew Tuesday, thank goodness you only come once a week😏

Quick trip

We just got back from a quick trip to San Diego, we left Saturday and came back today (Monday).  We stayed at the Hilton on the bay, we have actually stayed there before and I quite like it.  It has a great Boardwalk, the quietest beach on the planet, and it is a quick drive to Old Town.

We were there to visit with my friend Lauren who was visiting her beau Jordan whom we were meeting for the first time.

Lela was thrilled as you can see, lol!  

We had a great time sight seeing in Old Town, shopping and eating yummy Mexican food.  Our room had a fire pit so we roasted smores, played football on the beach and the girls attempted to swim in an 82 degree pool but found it too chilly.

It was great to just hang out and be together.  We have a super busy week ahead and Jason is packed to go back to California tomorrow morning.  Life is good❤️

Fear of elevators

Lela is terrified of elevators.  I mean tear inducing, arm grabbing, heavy breathing terror.  Her anxiety has now spread to enclosed spaces like the car.  I was getting a little worried but then I talked to her old teacher and she said not to worry.  I don’t like flying, elevators or tight spaces but I have had a lot longer to adjust to those fears.  It amazes me that she isn’t afraid of trotting around on a 1,000 lb horse but won’t go up an elevator.  Kids😂


Nightmares, fears and sleepwalking

She will grow out of it…they said.

She can’t sleep in your bed forever…they said.

Well here we are 2015 and Landis is still afraid of her shadow, won’t go to her room alone at any time of the day or night, sleeps in our room, has night terrors AND sleepwalks!  Gheesh!

The sleeping sitch has gone off the rails at our house.  Jason and I take full responsibility for letting things continue.  But in our defense we have tried a myriad of solutions and stuck with them for 3 weeks to 3 months only to end up right back where we began.  So these days we are opting for sleep maximization for all no matter the set up.

Here is how it is going down, Landis and Jason sleep in our California King with a large pillow barrier around Landis so that she feels cocooned and doesn’t sleep right up against (or on) Jason.  Phoebe and I sleep in a twin bed about 3 feet to the right of Landis.

Well last night it ended up being me, Phoebe and Landis in the little twin bed. OMG it was hands down the worst night of sleep.  Landis was having a terrible sleepwalking night that included running around the house saying “I can’t find her,” calling out for me even as I held her, and constantly looking for “her.”  It was exhausting for me and I am sure it was for her even though she remembers none of it.

It’s hard to believe this adorable little thing can carry so much fear.  PS. She really wants this cat😂

Short of locking her out of our room at night I am not sure what our next steps will be.  Lela also sleepwalks and she went through a pretty rough patch around 9 where she would be afraid of death at any moment of the day bringing on a panic attack.  So maybe this is the beginning of that phase😞

I wish I kept that owners manual they gave us at the hospital😂😂

Sever’s Disease

Piper has Sever’s disease.  Before anyone freaks out, it’s common and curable.


“During a growth spurt, your child’s heel bone grows faster than the muscles, tendons, and ligaments in her leg. In fact, the heel is one of your child’s first body parts to reach full adult size. When the muscles and tendons can’t grow fast enough to keep up, they are stretched too tight.”

So it hurts to walk and put pressure on it.  Doing round offs in gymnastics is definitely no fun😞

We are icing and resting and hoping for the best.  She isn’t thrilled her flipping has hit a snag.

Happy Halloween 

Well we did it again, we hosted our neighborhood meet and greet before trick or treating.  It was a success and it was nice to see the neighborhood starting to come out of summer hibernation.

The girls were:

Phoebe – witch

Lela – elven assassin

Piper – a haunting

Landis – day of the dead policeman 


After hanging out for a bit the kids hit the streets.  There were about 10 kids trick or treating so they got plenty of loot.  Just like every year the girls out their candy out for the great pumpkin and received gifts in return.  This year the great pumpkin is sending the candy overseas to the troops.  We donated 25lbs of candy from trick or treating about 10 houses!  Insanity!


I need a hobby

I used to have hobbies.  I used to run…a lot.  I used to take trips with girlfriends every blue moon for a race, but I don’t anymore.  Running hit a road block with all my uterine related drama and as far as the girlfriends go, sometimes they are more trouble than benefit (all the extroverts are shocked and the introverts are cheering).

Lately I have gotten myself embroiled with doing marketing for Lela’s riding academy.  Part of that is because I saw an opportunity to save some money (this is hardly ever a good reason for me to do anything) and the other was I think I saw an opportunity to do something I am good at and help someone out.  But now…meh, I don’t love it and wish I could keep my damn mouth shut.

With the big girls burgeoning independence, I think I need to pick up a hobby.  I get so wrapped up in their hobbies, because I want to not because I have to, that by the time I have some seconds for myself I only want to get horizontal and go brain dead in front of the TV.

So, I am in a weird place, not sure what direction to go, knowing I need to show the girls that my life does not indeed revolve around them and that I do have some sort of personality hiding behind my awesome mom facade.  We have a family trip planned to San Diego and I think I am going to use that as my personal reboot time, otherwise I might do something crazy like get a new puppy;)

Back off

You know when you are potty training your kids you ask them every 10 minutes if they need to go to the bathroom.  You ask so much that you begin to wonder who is training whom!  Then they are five all of a sudden and they won’t go without asking you if they can.

Fast forward five more years and now I am faced with children who are longing for independence but are unable to really ask for it.  Recently Lela was pretty upset after horseback riding, which is the opposite of how she normally behaves, so I knew something was wrong.  After much coaxing it turned out she was upset with me for over helping.  Deep breath.  Here it is, what we have been expecting, she is becoming independent.

I was never upset or hurt, I was surprised and then I was glad that she found the courage to tell me how she was feeling.  Since then we have come to an agreement, I will not help her with the horses, nor will I pet one she is working with, if I see  her just standing there I will ignore the fact that she appears to need help, I will not ask for help for her and I will not help her myself.  I had to bring a magazine a couple times to distract myself.  I am still allowed to stay and watch lessons, I am actually encouraged to do so:)

It is as hard for me to let go as it is for them to ask for more rope.  We are working through it all and doing pretty good:)

Landis turned 8

We celebrated a birthday in September.  My mom flew out from Texas to join us and Landis turned 8!  She is pretty easy to please and we let her choose the food, drinks and desserts for the day.  She got lots of things relating to making your own perfume, putting on make up and being a girly girl.  That is her current style.  She is lucky that Phoebe is game and willing to be her model.

 After celebrating with us at home we went to Scottsdale and celebrated with Grammy, Grampy and Uncle JJ.  It was another awesome celebration with pizza and strawberry shortcake.  She got some cool sewing stuff and a lego set we are still trying to figure out, lol!